Open Sourcing My First Android Application

Nov. 22, 2012, 12:24 a.m.

My very first foray into Android application programming started in August of 2011 with the simple idea of creating a password checker and generator. With nothing but a few months of introduction to OOP in Java and a copy of Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform, I dove right into trying to develop a proof-of-concept application to see what the hype around mobile apps was all about.

My initial reaction? Frustration. Why doesn't this work the way I think it's supposed to!? My reaction after it worked as intended? Elation. There was nothing cooler than seeing and interacting with a working application on my HTC Droid Incredible that I wrote myself. It was awesome. This password application, bravely titled "Total Password Security," was the stepping stone into my eventual descent down Startup Alley. I built a preview build for quick testing to the developers and users of the famous XDA-Developers website, just to see the reaction from general Android enthusiasts. I couldn't have been more thrilled when Will Verduzco contacted me saying that an article was going to be on the front page of XDA featuring my app.

The real important takeaway after having Total Password Security released on the Play Store (at the time of release, it was still the Android Market) is that having real users interact with your work is a rewarding experience of being a developer. I had people emailing me with feature requests, (minimal amounts of) bug reports, and even companies interested in business relations. I never thought something small like this would reach even more than a few hundred people.

Today, I have decided that it would be even cooler to open source this first application of mine. I have put the full source up on GitHub with a few updates to go along with it, namely utilizing a ViewPager and ActionBarSherlock. Since the project has been mostly stagnant since its initial release, I figured it would be cool to open source it. So browse away at the code, feel free to contribute and submit a pull request! I'd be ecstatic to see some additions to this application which started as nothing but a proof-of-concept.

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